RUNNER #1:  The morning air it beckons me to hit the road where I am free.  I run to drink in day's first light, to air my thoughts as I take flight.  My body strengthened as I go, the joy I feel no one else knows.  When I return recharaged I'll be, for when I'm running, I AM FREE!


RUNNER #2:  Another day comes into view.  I cannot cope or see what's true.  Another dollar I must make, but how and where no one can say.  Will I sell drugs to meet my need?  Where do I turn, my soul to feed?  Anger eats me like the rust, destroying bonds of love and trust.  Where to go and what to do?  I know - I'll run - and start brand new!  Run away from fears and dreads, from pain and broken promises.  To new surroundings I will flee - and if these will not welcome me - I'll take a leap to the unknown - leaving loved ones, life and home.  I cannot say my heart is free, but I must run for fear drives me.


Runners both, but both not free - One runs for joy, one runs to flee.  For FIRST we must look deep inside and from our fears we must not hide.  Facing down our enemies, must start within, must start with ME!  The only fear to tolerate, is fear of God, for He is great.  And wisdom's start begins right here, with humble heart and drawing near.  To mercy, grace and wisdom's throne, our holy Father is God alone. He will comfort.  He will heal.  A brand new life he will reveal.  From INWARD CHANGE, new strength He'll bring.  We'll mount up now on eagle's wings. We will run and not be weary.  We will walk and will not faint.  When upon the Lord we trust and hoping in His love, we wait.  Now our journey can be made. There is a plan our God has laid.  There is a purpose for your life.  It's beautiful and without strife. Place your faith, your all in Him.  You'll run with purpose - run to WIN!  You'll run to rush to another's aid.  Another soul needs to be saved.  You'll pass the torch, you'll shine the light, to bring that soul out of their night.  And joy will come touch down on you, when you can see you made it through!  With race complete, you'll make it home - arms open wide - you'll never roam.  Into your Father's Kingdom come, you'll hear His voice - MY CHILD WELL DONE!